Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Day in Navy Life

So this morning has been MUCH better...we finally figured out what time we need to get up so we don't rush around like nutcrackers getting ready to take my hubby to work. YAY! I hate getting up and being stressed out because we're just barely getting him there on time.

My poor little son has a lot of gas, so I need to take care of him and hopefully, later, since my hubby has training today, we can go to the NEX and get some formula that will help with his gassy problems.

Hoping that my hubby's day goes really well, since yesterday he cleaned out mold and algea from the bottom of the ship. I really wish the Navy would have given him gloves and a mask before he cleaned all that out and breathed in the icky moldy air. Oh well, life goes on!

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