Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in SOOOO long. I just haven't been up to writing.

Well, long story short, a LOT has happened and now my husband isn't in the Navy anymore.  We had some pretty bad experiences after my husband got stationed in San Diego. To make this even shorter, I don't want to talk about it. The men my husband worked with threatened me personally, one guy threatened me THREE times after I told him to go away.  Another guy yelled and screamed at me. I know all of you are going to judge and say there mustve been something we did to cause it. But in this case, we did not. They just hated my husband from the day he got on the ship. They accused him of coming in me, he was never, EVER fact, he was normally about 30 minutes early. We always left really early to get him there WAY early. He was a hard worker and's just frustrating.

So yeah, we're not in the Navy anymore...even though he'd like to go back. We'll see what happens.

Blessings to everyone! Happy Sailing!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Day

Well, life has been fun lately! The base was on lock down this last week, so my DH was home most of the time! :) And there were no duty days to mess things up, so that was just wonderful. :)

We spent the time just relaxing, enjoying our 4 month old son and watching movies. My hubby finally got all the parts to his computer he was building and now it's all together and up and running! Hooyah baby!  He's pretty smart, huh?

 Well, the official day he gets discharged from the Navy is set for July 12th, 2014. We are planning on going back to Bible college after that. That's going to be fun. We're hoping to take missions and music. But for now, we're going to enjoy the benefits of being a military family and will be thankful for the blessings we have right now!

Well, today was nice too, as it's the weekend and my hubby let me sleep a bit since I've been staying up all night for months on end with our new born son.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...blessings~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rough Day

So today was one of those days I don't know what went wrong, but I've just been struggling with my life in general...and added to it, I was informed about a deployment my hubby will be going on for a few months next year.  It's kind of a shock, since the Navy had told us that they wouldn't be going anywhere until late next year, or early 2012.

Anyways, my baby has had the flue and so has my hubby. I think I have a cold and so it's been a little rough the past couple of days trying to get everyone happy and comfortable.

Life is good over all, but I'm looking forward to the honorable discharge in 3 1/2 years and being able to move closer to my home town and parents.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frustrating Day

So today has been a bit frustrating...I keep running into memories from my past (not good memories) and then I ran into a bunch of Navy stuff that just really brought back more bad memories. And then my husband has duty tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. He's gonna be gone for like 2 days because of duty and then indoc for the ship. :(  I'm really frustrated at the Navy and how the men aboard those stupid ships treat me. I've NEVER been respected by one single one of them and they all think they can call me bitch and whore. I'm NONE of those and I am so sick of being around them 24/7.

Oh well...I guess I am just really having a rough day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Day in Navy Life

So this morning has been MUCH better...we finally figured out what time we need to get up so we don't rush around like nutcrackers getting ready to take my hubby to work. YAY! I hate getting up and being stressed out because we're just barely getting him there on time.

My poor little son has a lot of gas, so I need to take care of him and hopefully, later, since my hubby has training today, we can go to the NEX and get some formula that will help with his gassy problems.

Hoping that my hubby's day goes really well, since yesterday he cleaned out mold and algea from the bottom of the ship. I really wish the Navy would have given him gloves and a mask before he cleaned all that out and breathed in the icky moldy air. Oh well, life goes on!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duty Day

Well, we are finally moved into our home in San Diego and today my husband has his 1st duty day....all tomorrow he will be gone about 36 hours. It's the longest we've been separated since boot camp and I'm struggling to deal with it. I know deployment is a lot worse, and I feel for all of you going through that, but I'm not one to get "used" to something really fast, so today has been a little bit hard on me. But I"m gonna get through it.

I am trying to get boxes unpacked and put away, then I need to go outside and break down a bunch of boxes and take them to the dumpster. I'm getting really tired of seeing all the boxes hanging around my back yard.

Just trying to remember that God's grace is sufficient for me...even when I feel I can't go on, I know He is here and I can lean on Him to take care of me and my son while my husband is gone.