Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duty Day

Well, we are finally moved into our home in San Diego and today my husband has his 1st duty day....all tomorrow he will be gone about 36 hours. It's the longest we've been separated since boot camp and I'm struggling to deal with it. I know deployment is a lot worse, and I feel for all of you going through that, but I'm not one to get "used" to something really fast, so today has been a little bit hard on me. But I"m gonna get through it.

I am trying to get boxes unpacked and put away, then I need to go outside and break down a bunch of boxes and take them to the dumpster. I'm getting really tired of seeing all the boxes hanging around my back yard.

Just trying to remember that God's grace is sufficient for me...even when I feel I can't go on, I know He is here and I can lean on Him to take care of me and my son while my husband is gone.


  1. i hope you don't mind but i found your blog while googling some stuff on navy wives. my husband is considering going into the navy and i would love to keep reading your blog to get a wife's perception on it.

    we are from san diego so if you ever need any advice on stuff i am more than happy to give it.

    ...sorry if this comment is random but i just really want to get a good idea about military life before he makes his choice.

    thanks! :)

  2. Hey! I tried starting a blog before but got confused and gave up, now my love is deployed and I'm trying to find ways to stay busy and looking for friends in the San Diego area as well. My fiance has been stationed in San Diego since Jan 1st and is already gone on his first deployment. I thought maybe you'd like to hear what it's like or just wanted another ear to listen, venting back and forth to people who understand definately helps! Hope to keep in touch. You can also add me on facebook if you have one. Tabitha Atol

  3. My husband just got back from an 8 month deployment. On top of that I was pregnant and they didn't let him come home for the birth, so I delivered his first child via c section all by myself. He's been back for a week and today is his first duty day. Hate to sound like a brat but I hate that he's gone we just got him back. They say "hang in there it will get better" but the truth is it doesn't....sorry.